About me

I fully identify with Ouka Leele thought, who said, “ No one escapes the fascination that photography produces, it is like a magic box.”, Ansel Adams “The most important componet of a camera is behind it ” or Anne Geddes “ The best photos are those that retain their strength and impact over the years, through despite the number of times they are seen”. After 35 years of experience I still maintain the need to see and try to make an impact in each photograph I take. 

Besides of my artistic side with many exibitions and winner several photographic awards, I am specialized in performing photoshoots both individuals and companies. I have an extensive portfolio of services ranging from the development of the family books, photo reports and video reports for companies in events, conferences and conventions, also the world of advertising and publications.

High technical and creative ability to make available to my clients high quality photos that allow enhance the image of their products or services.

As a result I offer an extensive image bank with diverse topics that can be used to decorate spaces of work, leisure or home.

I count extensive experience teaching classes to particulars and groups on various aspects of photography and video. Moreover, I design ad hoc courses for employees in incentive plans of companies.

Latest jobs

Industrial and editorial photography to ZF Spain, Motor Plus, Oxford University Press Spain, McMillan Spain, igluu magazine Yorokobu

Freelance photoreports: social, events, wedding, etc.

Portraits: individuals, family, pregnant, babies, pets.

E-commerce and gastronomy photography.

Teaching experience

Lectures and workshops analog and digital photography:

  • SLR managament camera.
  • Languaje of light.
  • Photo lab, film developmet and printing.
  • Advertaising photography.
  • Black and white infrared photography.
  • Digital photography and Photoshop retouching.

Digital video and production courses:

  • Production and realization video and TV.
  • Digital video editing.
  • Fiction and documentary scrip.
  • Video camera operator.

Photographyc exhibitions

I made multiple exhibitions, both individual and collective, as well as participation in European art fairs in both Ghent and Milan.

Prizes and contests

Winner of different prizes in contests and photography competitions, with analog techniques of infrared photography in black and white, among others.

Photography, Image and Sound training

  • Professional Photography. High School of Comunication, Image and Sound CEV. Madrid.
  • TV, video and film production.
  • Monographic courses and workshops.
  • Audiovisual creations.