Visible Cultural Festival

The photography installations in public streets “The walk of Dreams” and “Friends and neighbors”, tested the creativity of Jesús G. Reyes, capturing images very effectively about the collective dreams written by participants. Photographs that act like faithful to the text content of achieving a perfect balance between words and images.

Participant groups: Gay, lesbian, women, elderly, children, youth, physically and mentally disabled.

Pablo Peinado. Visible Cultural Festival´s Director. Madrid. Spain.

The walk of dreams. Out door photography installation.

Friends and neighbors is an out door photography installation of people and groups photographed the front and back of each individual. Reproduced life-size on both sides, contemplating the front and the back of each character.

This installation wants to be a tribute to anonymous citizens, to those who rarely appear in the news because they are not news, without them the city would not exist. They are all our Friends and Neighbors, and they all have the same rights and obligations, regardless of age, marital status, gender, nationality, religion and sexual orientations.

Pablo Peinado. Visible Cultural Festival´s Director. Madrid. Spain.