All great ACUNR family

See the photos that Jesús G. Reyes shot to ​​our dogs is to see more than 12 stories, today everyone are in the calendar have been adopted.

We all take part in this bitter-sweet task, and it is certain that Jesus’s calendar and his ability to capture the love that these dogs keep, has also done his part and has collected euros to achieve what is a reality today, having succeeded in changing the course of these animals which were abandoned just because they weren’t pedigree dogs, or because of sickness, injury or simply because they are now useless for those who never were their owners.

Thanks Jesús for the job you gave us, from every dog too because you have given them the opportunity to be more visible to everyone.

Signed: ACUNR. Animales Con Un Nuevo Rumbo.

The following photo I took shooting on two diferent scenarios and later in post – production I joined them in a photomontage that I donated for the auction of artistic works in the ACUNR adoption days, for fundraising, in order to be able to keep the furry in foster conditions until finding families willing to adot them.

Rehabilitandog is another Association that undoubtedly develops one of the most delicate tasks, such as the rescue of mistreated greyhounds and their subsequent psycological rehabilitation, with the great goal that the furry can adapt to their new lives as far as possible without fears caused by abuses.

The following picture is arranged against the blue background and uniform lighting to show in a clean way the consequences of the mistreatment along with the features, delicacy and fragility of this magnificent animal.